Power and Politics

Power and Politics

You have the opportunity for extra credit if you want. Write a two page paper discussing one concept in the book. Start with an introduction explain what concept you will discuss and how the paper is divided. Then describe the concept, analyze it (you can use your own experience if you want), and finish with a conclusion. Once you are done, upload your paper on Turnitin under Assignment Tab.

You can get up to 5 points on your final grade based on this extra credit opportunity (it is equivalent to one quiz). You have until June 28 to upload your extra credit.

Welcome to week 4 of PA 340. This week we will discuss leadership in public and nonprofit organizations and power and organizational politics. Leadership is assumed to play a key role in advancing the objectives of the organization. However, what is leadership and what kinds of leaderships exist? When you read chapter 7, you will be able to explain more what leadership does and what is ought to do. As you go through the different theories, you will find how the perspective on leadership changed and how the new environment in which we operate requires different kind of leadership. Once you are done with leadership, you will power and organizational politics. How is power distributed in organization? what makes someone have power? How does power play a role in the organization? Why is there is politics in organizations? All of these questions will be answer in chapter 8. It is fascinating to explore the role of politics and power in organizations, especially public ones as they affect all of us.

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