Poverty And Social Policy

Topic: Poverty And Social Policy

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Focusing on housing, health or education critically explain the meaning and causes of poverty together with the impact of markets and the strengths and weaknesses of current policy on that topic.
1.1 Give a critical explanation of the meaning of the term ‘poverty’.
2.1 Compare and contrast two current theories on the causes of poverty in relation to the issue you are exploring.
3.1 Identify and assess contemporary strategies for remedial action (e.g. targeting, universality) in terms of addressing the problem of poverty.
3.2 Evaluate the results of studies carried out to investigate the effects of poverty on people’s life chances.
4.1 Assess the impact of markets on the provision of housing, health, or employment in Britain.
5.1 Outline and discuss strengths and weaknesses of current policy on the issue you are investigating.less

Contemporary views should bementioned. Such as: Sociologist, theoriest such as
Their view about Poverty. And Marxist view of Poverty

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