postmodern analysis,21stC. Architectural masterplace

Answer the question, How is the Cathedral of Oakland’s architecture Postmodern? Therefore, it will define Postmodernism with those characteristics which will be applied in the essay. Many characteristics of Postmodernism can be found in the following sources: the small text Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi, and the large text of Amy Dempsey’s – Styles, Schools, and Movements of the 20th Century. The essay will employ a working definition of Postmodernism, it will employ original descriptive observation and analysis, in order to prove the thesis that the edifice is Postmodern. . For example, if a student should with to apple the characteristic of "fabulist/fantasy," then one should find a feature of the design which exhibits fabulist and or fantasy. All sources should be cited. For the Cathedral one may wish to include the footprint, the shapes at the facade, oculus, or behind the altar, materials, use of lights, why this particular location was chosen in Oakland, etc.

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