portfolio strategy

portfolio strategy

You are asked to assess the portfolio strategy of ( General Electric Company)  since 2000 using public information on the products offered and acquired business units.

Using the portfolio tools discussed in the lecture, you have to develop your view on the complex portfolio mix and its long-term potential. In addition, you have to

consider strategic moves of competitors that might block further expansion. You have to address the following issues:
(1) Map the organizations business portfolio using some relevant corporate strategy framework;
(2) Identify and discuss the areas of key competence and the type of corporate strategy pursued by the organization ;
(3) Discuss and critically apply the portfolio matrix model;
(4) Analyze and discuss the strategic moves of competitors and your chosen company’s best response
(5) Using the appropriate tools, identify those SBUs that you think your chosen organization may have to consider getting selling off.
You may support some of your arguments by analyzing company and market data. I
expect that you use tables/figures/portfolio management organizing frameworks to
provide evidence for your argumentation.
-Use the annual reports
– Check for industry reports
– Related academic literature
There must be a bibliography, with works listed in alphabetical order ,though this is not included in the word count. Primarily the bibliography should contain the

material that you have cited in the text; long lists of works not cited in the text do not impress. All quotations should be appropriately attributed, as should key

facts and views obtained from others. The citation method used must be the Harvard system and you should be careful to include page numbers in your citations where

Marking Criteria for the Coursework and Exam
Examiners will pay particular attention to five criteria (listed in order of importance):
1. Extent to which the question has been answered: to include, was the set question answered? What was the scope of the answer (depth and breadth)? Was the question

answered in sufficient detail (within the limits of the word count)?
2. Quality of the argument and reasoning involved: was there argument and evaluation, or at the other end of the scale just the presentation of information?
3. Use and manipulation of concepts, methods and/or data
4. Style, to include clarity of expression, organization and structure.
5. Presentation, to include all aspects of referencing, citation, bibliography, and layout (and other aspects identified in the assessment rubric).
The citations must be with online references, I have to reach to all the references and read them before the submission, because I have Viva and discuses with the



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