Portfolio of Tasks Template (between 5,000-6,000 words max)

Portfolio of Tasks Template (between 5,000-6,000 words max)

• Remove this page and all wording in blue before submitting your Portfolio of Tasks Template. These instructions will help your portfolio look organized, well thought out and orderly. Your work will not be accepted in any other format.

• Tasks

• Produce a research proposal of 2,500 words in which, plausible research questions are developed based on a critical literature review. A thorough review of the research methodology and an outline of individual research methods to be employed and adapted with justifications should also be included in the proposal.
• Draw up an action plan identifying the study skills and actions that you need to take to be successful on your master’s programme (approx. 1,250 words table format with explanation; see template provided below.
• Your personal reflections regarding how the module content will inform and assist you in producing a masters dissertation (approx. 1,250 words essay style).

• Remember the key rules about presentation:
• All fonts must be 12 (either Arial or Times New Roman)
• All references are to be in Harvard citation format (use the UWLV web site as your primary resource for determining proper form)
• References are never indented or right-justified
• Line spacing should be set at 1.5
• Do not add or change categories in this template. Your proposal must match this template precisely. Proposal not using this template will be returned.


• This template is to be used to outline your proposed research project study: no other formats will be accepted. This form is due to be completed, saved and uploaded to WOLF by the due date for your cohort.(See WOLF page for details).

• This proposal should not exceed 2,500 words in length, excluding references; and project schedule table. Note: extensive background information is not required.

• Wording in blue is included either for purely illustrative purposes (i.e. to help you think about your own choice of words) or offering guidance. You should delete or overwrite these guidelines with your own words, and change the font from red to black.


Student Name: Shezin Feroze

Student ID:

Proposal structurally approved by workshop tutor: Yes/No
(Your workshop tutor may wish to check that you had done sufficient work on the proposal and that it is of “fit state” to be forwarded to your supervisor)

1. Aims/objectives/Research Questions:
Provide a brief introduction/context to your topic; state your aims, objectives and plausible research questions (500 words)
About The topic

Aim objective research questions

2. Methodology:
Explain how you are going to answer your research questions i.e. explain your methodology and methods, justify the methods to be employed and critically review the methodology/approaches you are intending to take (700words)

Sampling unit: SAS Technical Support Division members – 588 (June 2016)
Sampling frame: Division- SAS TS (Technical Support – Global)
Sample design: Rule: Stratified random sampling method will be used. The sampling will be based on country. This will permit to retrieve all sub-population views.
Sample size: 250. Pilot Test: 25 (10%)
Sampling error: Random sampling is prone to a certain degree of unavoidable errors. There is also risk of non-response errors.
Sampling bias: The bias is low because the target is limited only to Technical Support colleagues.

Data gathering
3. Brief Literature Review:
Explain how your research fits into existing published work. Do this by locating and debating using a minimum of 10 of journal articles relating to the work you propose to do and show how your research aim, objectives and questions intend to fill any gap or extend current knowledge. Refer to your research methods module and compare and contrast this information with what you intend to do and with your research approach. References must be academic publications, from refereed journals which will be found in our online databases such as Ebsco. Do not use books in this section. Refer to examples on WOLF. (1000 words)
Funnel Model
Concepts evolution
4. Resources you need/Access to primary and secondary data:
Explain what resources you will need, what resources you have access to, and what access to organisations have you secured for the primary data (300 words)
5. Project Schedule
Use the template below and fill in the due dates so that you and your supervisor can map out your journey. Allocate 4-6 weeks each for stages 1 and 3. It is recommended that you prepare the final draft one month prior to the submission date as your supervisor may wish to review it. You are encouraged to meet with your supervisor regularly to gain feedback at stages 1 to 3, each supervisor will advise you on their preferred supervision pattern.
Steps Description Due date
1 Preparation Stage
Week -1-2: Area of interest identified
Weeks 3-4: Topic selected/form submitted
Weeks 4-5: Topic refined to develop dissertation proposal
Weeks 5-8: Proposal written and submitted
2 Chapters 1-3 completed
Chapter 1 Draft Introduction completed
Chapter 2 Draft Literature Review completed
Chapter 3 Draft Research Methodology completed
3 Collection of data and information
Data analysis and Interpretation of data
Chap 4 Draft Results, Analysis and Discussion completed
Chapter 5 Draft Conclusions, Implications & recommendations
4 Final Writing up
Structure, presentation and proof reading
5 Final Stage
Final proof reading, printing and binding
6 Submission of Project (WOLF and hard copy submission)

6. References
Please make sure you only include sources you have cited above and that each source fully complies with Harvard referencing requirements. The references should include at least 10 journal sources.
Student to fill in personal details below and having read the ethical guidelines, confirm project is category A (below) and upload along with the proposal form.

Student last name:
Student first name(s):
Student no:

First submission Resubmission
(As per ticked Box)

Summary Feedback
(Check overleaf for possible further comment)

Approved to proceed
Compelling proposal, persuasively outlining a well thought through, feasible and relevant research study.

Very Good:
Approved to proceed

Clear and specific about research question, project design and research methods. These three elements are shown to be well co-ordinated.

Approved to proceed

Well-defined research question. Sensible project design and clear plans for conducting the research.

Approved to proceed

Clear research question. Explicit ideas on design and methods but there are some issues about the fit between question, design and methods.

Improvement required; resubmit to supervisor;
Not yet approved.

Identifies an interesting topic, but the research question is very broad and the details of the project are hazy.

Arrange meeting with Supervisor a.s.a.p.

Major improvement required; resubmit to supervisor; not yet approved to proceed.

The focus, purpose and method of the project are not made clear to the reader.

Arrange meeting with Supervisor a.s.a.p.
Application for Ethical Approval:

Is this a proposal for Category A or Category B project?
(To completed by student)

If it is Category A, do you recommend that approval is given?
(To be completed by the supervisor)

If No, please give reason(s)

Supervisor Feedback

In addition to the standardised feedback given on page one, and to comment and advice that will be given in supervision meetings, Supervisors may choose to use the space below to offer more detailed comments on the overall proposal and/or to suggest specific ways in which the proposal should/could be improved to strengthen the foundations for the intended study.
Supervisor Signature: ___________________________________

Name (Please print) ___________________________________

Date: ______________________
Draw up an action plan identifying the study skills and actions that you need to take to be successful on your master’s programme (approx.1,250 words) Use table format and additional explanation if required. You should assess your current skills and briefly describe them in the appropriate column.

• Audit your current skills in the areas below
• Identify specific aims that you wish to attainto improve your skills
• What action do you need to take to achieve your aim
• What date should you do this by

Academic writing and literature reviews:
Critical thinking and writing:

Data Collection Methods:
Data analysis Methods:

Planning and Mind mapping:


Using data analysis software:
Using WOLF:

Using Microsoft Office:

Finding academic articles:


Your personal reflections regarding how the module content will inform and assist you in producing a master’s dissertation, include references regarding learning and completing research projects (approx. 1,250 words essay style)

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