Porter, “A Call to Men,” 2010 TED Talk

  1. Please watch all three of these videos:

Porter, “A Call to Men,” 2010 TED Talk

Kimmel & Wade’s conversation about toxic masculinity for Ask A Feminist. You can watch their talk, listen to the audio, or read the transcript of the conversation—you choose the medium that works best for you!

Baldoni, “Why I’m Done Trying to be Man Enough,” 2017 TED Talk

  1. Make sure to include your responses to whichever lecture you choose in the notes you are taking. This means that while you’re taking notes, you’re answering questions such as:

What did you think about the speaker’s points?
What realizations did you come to while listening to the speaker?
What was your takeaway/what do you want to remember from this?
Where did you resonate with the speaker’s words most?
What might you want to change about your own behavior after watching this presentation?
What was most convincing?
Where did you agree and disagree?
What did the speaker say that made you sit up and take notice?
Was there someone in your life that you wanted to share this with, or did you ask someone to watch this with you because you thought they needed to hear this?

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