Political Theory : Discuss Karl Marx

Political Theory : Discuss Karl Marx

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Assignment:Political Theory


To assess students’ skills in the areas of researching, writing, critical thinking, and computer literacy.
To develop a core knowledge of the role and substance of Political Theory within the discipline of Political Science.


You have been assigned a specific political theorist, Karl Max. Research this theorist and collect information to present on the following topics: biography, summary of writings, contributions to political theory, and a selected book.

From the “Summary of Writings” procure one of his (Karl Marx’s)publications to read and prepare a one-to-two page summary of the book you choose.

You will prepare a research paper of no more than 8 pages in length (text) that follows this format:
Introduction and Biography
Summary of Writings
Contributions to Political Theory
Review of selected book

Turn in the text of this paper which includes a list of sources used.

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