Political theories and rights/constitution

Part A: theories
Explain in detail the impacts that confucius, socrates, plato, aristotle, and machiavelli theories have had on the american
political system today. Compare/contrast Hobbes, Locke views on the upheaval on the English civil war. Exptain the
political significances on the impact Rousseau had on the french revolution. Finally explain in detail the political
significances or Marx’s views on struggles between the bourgeoisie class and the proletariat class.

Part B: rights/constitution
The U.S Constitution (1787) has 7 articles and 27 amendments which define the roles of federal. states, and local
goverments: explain the impact of executive order 9066 (1942) as it relates to the constitution and the impact it had on the
bill of rights (1791). Finally, why did Henry L. Stimson fear this executive order 9066 would make a tremendous hole in our
contitution? Explain in detail.

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