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Write a 5-7 page double-spaced book review of Mission Mystique. This assignment is a book review rather than a book report, which means that you are to write a thoughtful, critical evaluation of the book, as distinguished from a mere description of it or a summary of its contents. The critique should include at least the following:

• Provide a sense of the book’s important themes.
• How does the book relate to terms and concepts learned in this course (through assigned readings, class assignments, etc.)?
• Clearly link the contexts of the book to theoretical concepts discussed in this course (i.e. does theory reflect reality?).
• Did any topic in the book surprise you?
• If so, why and how?
• Discuss this book’s contributions to your understanding of Public Administration.

In addition to the aforementioned points, you may also choose to make evaluations concerning the book’s coherence – how well it fits together (or does not fit together), how effectively its arguments are made (or its story told), how clearly it is written. Your own purely subjective impressions are also welcome —how well did you like the book? Did the author’s writing engage you? The review will be graded on content, organization, writing style, and format.

There need to be 7-8 references from the attachments and lists below discussed explicitly to make connections between the Goodsell book.
2. Schick, A. (1966). The road to PPB: The stages of budget reform. Public Administration Review 26 (4), 243-258.
3. **Lindblom, C. (1959). The science of “muddling through”. Public Administration Review, Vol. 19 (2), pp79-88.
4. Grossback, L.J. (2002). The problem of state-imposed mandates: lessons from Minnesota’s local governments. State and Local Government Review 34 (3), 183-197
5. .Aberbach, J.D. and Christensen, T. (2014). Why reforms so often disappoint. American Review of Public Administration 44 (1) 3-16
6. ** Jørgensen, T. B., and Bozeman, B. (2007). Public values: An inventory. Administration & Society 39 (3), 354-381
7. Vaughn and Arseneault – Managing NPO’s in a policy world

8. Kettl, D.F. (2014). Politics of the administrative process, 6th edition. Washington, DC:
CQ Press. ISBN 13: 978-1-4833-3293-2

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