Policy Memo: Immunizations in Texas

Policy Memo: Immunizations in Texas

i. Brief, essential points to explain how this issue has become a concern. (Clear connection to public health must be made).
1. Provide 2-3 evidence-based facts to highlight the magnitude of the problem (think about using bullet points, here).
a. For example, how much does the problem cost society each year, both in direct and indirect expenses, how many people are affected by the issue, etc.

d. Overview of existing policy/policies (or lack, thereof) (10 points)
i. Has the Texas legislature addressed the issue? If so, when (e.g., 5 years ago)? How frequently has the issue been raised (e.g., never, brought up every year and voted down every year)
1. If Texas has not addressed the issue, have other states? What were other state’s experiences with the issue? (One state will do, don’t research all 50 states!)

e. Pros and cons of existing policy/policies (15 points)
i. When advocating, it is important to be familiar with all sides of an issue and prepared to respond to different viewpoints.

f. Proposed new policy (10 points)
i. What is your recommended course of action to address this public health problem, and why?

g. References & Formatting (5 points)
i. Modified APA format
1. In text, provide numbers for your references so that you do not clutter the page with APA formatted references
2. The reference list should be in APA format; only you’ll need to add numbers to each reference that correspond to the cited numbers in your text
a. References should be numbered in the order they appear in text

h. Length & Writing Quality (5 points)
i. Policy memos should be no more than 2 single spaced pages
ii. Use techniques to make the most important information stand out (e.g., bullet points, bold words, underlined words… don’t overdo it though, otherwise nothing will stand out)

Writing a Policy Memo: Click on the following hyperlinks to view examples of how memo should be structured and styled (however, use the section headings provided above in this syllabus. The links are meant to give you a visual idea of the presentation style you are aiming for, particularly with the beginning where you address your legislator):
i. Workshop on Communicating Population and Health Research to Policymakers (East-West Center) Resource is posted in the Documents Section of the Blackboard Course Site
ii. Policy Memo Guidelines (Cornell College) HYPERLINK "http://www.cornellcollege.edu/cornell-fellows/resources-fellows/policy-memo-guidelines.shtml"http://www.cornellcollege.edu/cornell-fellows/resources-fellows/policy-memo-guidelines.shtml
iii. Policy Memos (Duke) HYPERLINK "http://twp.duke.edu/uploads/media_items/policy-memo.original.pdf"http://twp.duke.edu/uploads/media_items/policy-memo.original.pdf


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