Policy issues facing Mental Health and illness in Veterans

1. Introduction (1 — 2 pages) Introduce the topic (both the U.S. policy and corresponding social problem(s)) and formulate your research question for the papear. Discuss pertinent information that justifies or
explains the importance of your topic. Provide an argument about the relevance of the problem and policy. Why is this an important issue? Choose your policy carefully — you’re going to be writing about it
virtually the entire semester. Keep in mind that the policy must respond to or target a social problem in the U.S. context such as poverty, lack of access to affordable housing, proper nutrition, quality education, or
discrimination in school/work based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. Suggested policy areas for the paper may include (but are not limited to): • Anti-poverty policies that created programs: TAN F,
SNAP, SSI, EITC, housing policies, minimum wage, etc. • Federal health programs that are policy based: Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP; education policies; civil rights policies; disaster relief policies; child welfare
policies, etc. • Immigration policies: DACA, unaccompanied minors program, refugee resettlement, IRCA, etc. 2. Description of problem and policy (2 — 3 pages) a. Describe the social problem: it can be defined
as a grievance, an unmet need, a denial of opportunities, a form of oppression or discrimination, a life-threatening force, etc.

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