police corruption

police corruption


• Police Corruption

Focus on the topic which relates to the policing system:

• Definition of problem, issue, or policy
• Brief historical background
• Impact on society

Provide data and offer specific examples.

A major purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the course material and, more importantly, its application. Assume the reader is not familiar with the course material. Relate your topic to course material whenever possible. Just do it in a way that creates a good flow within the paper.
PowerPoint presentation should be:
•    A summary of your paper
•    Just the facts
•    Video or pictures if you can
•    If narrated, you will receive some extra points…

The following rubric explains what is expected:
(100-90)              (89-80)                (79-70)              (69-below)
Writing     Contains minimal grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.     Contains several grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.     Contains a number of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.     Contains significant grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Structure     Paper flowed in a logical fashion. All elements identified in instructions present.
Flow of paper good. Most elements present.     Flow of paper rough. Some elements present.     No logical flow to paper. Few elements present.
Content     Relevant topic. Evident that significant research went into paper. Excellent use of data and examples. Excellent sources cited.     Relevant topic. Apparent that some time was devoted to research. Good use of data and examples present. Good sources.     Relevance of topic questionable. Little time spent researching paper. Some use of data and examples present. Few sources of value.     Evident that little thought went into topic selection. Very little time spent researching the paper. Few data and/or examples present. Lacking good sources.

Connection to course material     Numerous, clear connections drawn to material.     A number of connections drawn to material, but often lacking clarity.     Few connections drawn to material; but, connections are clear.     Few connections drawn to material and lacking clarity.


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