PM Airways Economy Class Reinvention

PM Airways Economy Class Reinvention

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The Coursework must include:

-A project Charter,Reasons for undertaking the project,Objectives and constraints of the project,Directions concerning the solution, Identities of the main

stakeholders[PM Airways & PM Airways Economy Class Customers]
-The main uses of the project charter:
To authorize the project
Serves as the primary sales document
As a focus point throughout the project
Record of need and justification
Resources estimation
Budget estimation
-PROJECT GOALS – Describe the business need, opportunity or problem that the project was undertaken to address – i.e., the project justification.
Provide a high level list of “what” needs to be done in order to reach the goals of the project.
Each deliverable should be sufficiently detailed so that the Project Team will understand what needs to be accomplished.
Describe the deliverable using action words (verbs) such as “deliver, provide, create, research, etc.
Deliverables should be measurable, so the Project Sponsor and Team can determine whether the deliverable has been successfully completed at the project’s conclusion.
– Stakeholders
– Budget estimates – what will this deliverable cost and what will the benefits be – cost/ benefit statement is preferable
ROI estimates
identify the assumptions that were made to form the basis of defining scope.
identify any assumptions that will be made for the purposes of planning the project – scope, time and cost are managed.
list any constraints – potential factors that will impact the delivery or make it difficult to manage the project on the project or dependencies on resources or

funding to the project.
Consider time, cost, dates and regulatory issues as constraints or dependencies to the project.
-PROJECT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE -Identify the key project team members and function by name – envisaged
-RESOURCE REQUIREMENST – money people, machines required
-PROJECT RISK – primary risks identified and actions to negate same
-PROJECT APPROVAL – authorization / signoff
-Work Breakdown Structure WBS , High
-Time Management – Gant Chart and Critical Path Method digram
– Cost management – Budget allocation and Earned Value Management
-Quality Management – Cause & Effect analysis plus Pareto Chart
-HR Management – Project Organisation Structure
-Communication Management – Planned route of [Who,What,When & How] methodology
-Risk management – Risk register and Response plan
-Stakeholder management – Analysis using Power Influence grid and Engagement matrix
– Project Closure Report

KM 303 Project Management

You are newly appointed Project Manager and as a part of your role you have been asked to develop an individual plan for a project, which is as follows:
An airline company receives a high number of complaints from their customers on the economy class product and would like to review the product offered to their

customers in economy class with the following objectives.
1. Review and redesign all Economy meal trays set ups
2. Food items to be reviewed
3. Review and redesign service routines (food/beverage) to achieve improvement in customer service
4. Achieve product consistency and enhancement across the network
5. Review and redesign toilet amenities
The project start date is 1st Mar 2015 and it is to be completed in one year. A budget of 30,000,000 has been allocated to the project.
You are required to:

? Identify Project concept, scope, aims and objectives and apply appropriate project management tools & techniques including bar charts for effective and successful

implementation of the project. Develop Project Charter, WBS, Schedule, and project closure report
? Appraise key aspects of the project management strategy to the organizational structure and business environment of the organization. Prepare project org structure ,

communication plan and stakeholder analysis
? Recommend a suitable structure and processes for project monitoring and control of financials using relevant Project tools, techniques and graphic representation of

quality. Complete Earned Value Analysis. Use any one quality tool to show analysis of customer complaints
? Address organizational aspects like risk management and risk analysis. Prepare a risk register.


? Harvard Referencing

Format and Marking Scheme

1. Project charter, definition of scope, aims and objectives and a closure report. (15 marks)
2. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure for the key deliverables(15 marks)
3. Determine milestones and key deliverables along with target dates using a gant chart to prepare a project schedule. (10 marks)
4. Human Resources management linked to strategy and structure of the organization. Tabulation of the known key resources in the project. Depiction of project

organization chart. (10 marks)
5. Deriving a Communication plan in the project planning and focusing on who, how, when and what will be communicated. (10 marks)
6. Stakeholders Identification / Analysis, listing affected business areas and organizations and describes the impact the project will have on them. (5 marks)
7. Control and monitor project performance using Earned value analysis.(10 marks)
8. Analyse project background using any one of the seven quality tools (10 marks)
9. Identification of business risks associated with this project. Estimating the severity of each risk’s potential impact and identification of any risk mitigation

actions that could be taken to negate / mitigate against the risks identified. (15 marks)


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