Playhouse Square: Partners Program

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We are doing a Final Marketing Consulting Plan about Playhouse Square: Partners Program. All the information must be related / helpful to Playhouse Square Theater because we are giving the paper to the client otherwise I will receive an F. Please look at Page1 file. I’ll be doing (5. Marketing and communications Problems) In Page3 the detailed marketing outline it shows that (14. Summary of major marketing and communications problems that results from situation analysis paper.) I’ll upload our current paper that we are working on. My group wrote on top of the page (Marketing objectives) to help me write my part:

? Increase millennial partners program memberships by 25% within 1 year
? Increase website traffic by 10% during 3 month campaign
? Increase millennial preference and recognition of partners
? Increase membership sales by 10% during 3 month campaign
? Increase brand awareness from __ to __ among millennials over 1 year

I’m not really sure but since my group wrote those Marketing objectives to help me do my part. It must be necessary to take a look at it. Please take a look at the whole project to understand what is going on. I’ve assigned 3 pages because it does not show many pages required. As long as you cover everything that needs to be said it will be enough. Please let me know if it should be more/less pages. Also, for the citations follow the instructions on Page2 (Include in-text citations) to validate your information. You can use any number of sources required to complete the paper.

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