Play – Going Experience;

Play – Going Experience;

Question 1
What event did you see? When? Where? How much did you pay for your ticket? In a sentence or two summarize this information, then identify the genre (general type) of

play on which you are reporting.

2: Space (Theater as Building)
What Theatre Building did you go to? What were the stage and audience spaces like? In one or two paragraphs describe these concisely but vividly keeping in mind that

your reader may never have seen these spaces.

3: Spectacle
The Look: In one to three paragraphs comment on what was immediately striking about the look of the production.
The Set: Was there a set? What was it like? If it changed during the performance how was this done? Use two to four paragraphs to describe.
Costume: Take a paragraph or two to describe the costumes in detail. Did anything about the costumes standout as especially significant? Could you tell what period

they were meant to be?
Lighting: Did you notice anything about the lighting? Was it expressive, or just used for basic illumination? Did you notice transitions in the lighting? How were they


4: Music and Sound
What kinds of sounds were you aware of (include silences and non-verbal noises)? If this was a musical production discuss the music, singing and orchestra in this


5: Structure:

Was the exposition lengthy, or slight?
Was the conflict engaging?
What was the climax?
Was the Denouement short or long?
Were their any intermissions? Did you notice any pace differences between parts of the play?

6: Standout Moments
What moments gave you particular pleasure or unease? (Describe these moments fully, remembering that your reader may not have seen the performance and needs both

content and context to understand your point.)

7: Interpretation
In what ways, if any, did the interpretation differ from what you had expected? What elements of the production were most emphatically employed to convey


8: Audience
Describe the audience.  Who were they? Old or young? More male or female? Traditional or diverse? Were they like you, or unlike you? Did you feel comfortable?
Did their reaction ever surprise you? How so?

9: Performance
Mode: Was the performance direct or indirect?
Actors: Who were the performers? What qualifications do they have? In addition to their biographies in the program, what else do you know about them? How did you find

this out? (Cite any research sources.)
Casting: Any observations of the casting? Did this production employ any non-traditional casting choices? Were the actors age appropriate for their roles? Did you find

the actors suited to their roles generally?
Movement: ¨How would you describe the use of the space, including blocking and movement? Reference dancing and choreography, if applicable, in this section of your


10: Theme: What was the “theme” of the evening, in the sense Aristotle used that word? How was the theme conveyed?
Summary: If you were to use a photograph or a caption to sum up this production, what would it be? (Attach a photo to your report, if you choose to answer this

visually. Important note: this is a metaphor, not a photo of the production or from its publicity materials.)

11: Class Definition: We are using a definition by Robert Cohen which says that theatre is “that artistic work in which actors impersonate characters in a live

performance of a scripted play.” Did this evening meet this definition? Why or why not? Discuss all parts of the definition including art, work, actors, impersonation,

characters, live performance, and scripted play.


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