Plantet of the Apes and some 1984

Topic: Plantet of the Apes and some 1984

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Please read: •Boulle, Pierre. Planet of the Apes (do not buy the novelized version of the movie)
And answer the following 3 Questions.
1: In the end, how do the Apes abstract their “evolutionary” history? What unique and particular language do they use to describe this? Is it odd, perhaps, to conceive
of Apes discussing this evolutionary process by which they allegedly came to exist and later to dominate? What political considerations feed the very Science on which
many of their myths purportedly depend for relative veracity?

2: What is the role of the Female prerogative? Are there transgender sensibilities in Apeland? What is the fate of minorities in this polity?

3:How did interested parties manipulate the Past to bear on the Present and Future? How is this linked with 1984?
Answer Question 3 with reference to:
•Orwell, George. 1984

Please Highlight each question and then submit the essay format answers to each set of questions.

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