Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925) prompt

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court case needs to be changed to Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925) prompt is below
These 2-3 page (double-spaced) reflection papers are designed to give students the opportunity to synthesize responses to the required readings assigned. Occasionally,
the professor will specify a particular question or idea to focus upon for these papers. Otherwise, each student should 1) choose a theme or idea from the required
reading(s) that s/he found particularly compelling and/or problematic; 2) offer a text based synthesis of that idea/theme; and 3) write a personal reflection and/or
commentary. Reflection papers are not intended to be a synthesis or summary of the entire text but rather a focused reflection of a particular aspect of the assigned
reading. Required Sources: ONE of the following court cases: Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925); Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972); Mozert v. Hawkins (1987); Employment
Division of Oregon v. Smith (1990). Related Commentaries found on course website. Kent Greenawalt, Does God Belong in Public Schools? selections Warren Nord, Religion
and American Education, selections


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