Picture Book Theme Analysis

It is important to explore how literature illuminates life by conducting an inquiry on a topic of diversity in children’s Picture Books. You will be developing your skills in evaluating literature by applying genre-specific evaluation criteria and reading with a critical stance. You will write a 3-4 page paper to analyze your theme and reflect upon how your theme is addressed in the literature. You must provide a Bibliography, which is not included in the page count.

  1. Choose 5 Picture Books with a related theme
  2. Read and Analyze the Books
  3. Write a 3-4 page analysis of the theme. Answering the following questions:

What is the theme/issue you studied, and what is its importance in society?
What are some possible root causes for the issue you are examining?
How does this issue affect children today?
How can you use these books to approach critical social issues with children?

Potential Themes for exploration include:

Children with disabilities
Sexuality/ LGBT
Foster and Adoption
Social Justice/ Activism
Saving the Environment
Refugee Experiences
Gender (ie: portrayal of boys, strong female characters),
Overcoming challenges/risk-taking
Handling Grief

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