PICO question

Will the implementation of non-pharmacological interventions be more effective than pharmacological interventions in preventing disoriented patients from becoming uncntrollable in hospitals?

The writer can possibly re-phrase the topic to make it more appealing because i had problem structuring the topic. This is a Nursing Research paper and find below exactly how the paper would be graded.
Research Project:
a. Review of Literature Synthesis Paper/annotated bibliography 45%
b. Summation of Evidence Table: 25%
c. Poster Development and Research Dissemination: 30%
This paper has to be addressed in PICO question.
Population: Nursing staff on the unit/elderly residents in the facility
Intervention(s): Implementation of Non-pharmacological (specifically manipulation of patient’s physical environment such as having familiar photos and music in patient’s room) and pharmacological interventions as approaches to reducing agitation in disoriented patients
Comparison: Compare the outcome of patients during the implementation of pharmacological interventions to that of the non-pharmacological interventions
Outcome(s): Manipulation of patient’s physical environment will reduce moments of agitation in disoriented patients more effectively than administration of antipsychotic medications.

It has to be evidenced based Nursing Reseach and to have at least 15 references.
My problem is that , this is one Reseach Topic that comes in three parts. How is the writer going to present the paper. It should have a maximum of 15 pages in total.

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