Pick one of the following course topics:

Pick one of the following course topics:

A. Pick one of the following course topics:
1. Project Management Office in a Waterfall environment
2. Project Management Office in an Agile environment
3. Project Management Office covering an Agile and Waterfall environment
4. Managing risks in a Project Management Office environment
5. Managing risks in a Agile oriented PMO environment
B. Pick an issue for that topic such as "Why is the Project Management Office difficult to establish in an Agile environment?" for topic 2
— hint, it should be a question.
— to help get you oriented

C. Find 4 web-accessible articles/papers/chapters not using the attached article or any class readings that cover the issue picked then develop a paper with the following LABELLED sections. (number and underlined words)
• Sections: 5 sections to the paper (see below)

1. Introduction – short description of the topic and the issue, emphasizing issue relevance.
2. Issue Details:
a. Detailed description of what, where, when, and how.
b. How it affects the organization’s strategy? (It may not and if that happens it needs to be explained here).
c. Who the issue’s stakeholders are.
3. Describe at least 2 alternatives for dealing with issue – (do something, do nothing are 2)
4. Preferred alternative – which one in section 3 that you like most and WHY you prefer it.
5. Conclusion: describing how the situation will look after the preferred alternative is in effect for 6 months.

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