: Physician Assisted Suicide



: Physician Assisted Suicide


Notes for Task 2:

A.1 – Standards – must cover all three
· Licensure – both physicians and hospitals must be licensed by the state where they practice.
· Certification – Medicare will certify physicians for the scope of medicine they are allowed to practice and file claims for.
· Accreditation – hospitals must be accredited by an entity like Joint Commission in order to participate with Medicare.

A.2.a. Clinical Quality Reporting Systems
· PQRS or Physician Quality Reporting Systems for physicians
· VBPS or Value-based Purchasing Systems for hospitals

A.2.b. Reimbursement
· Medicare Part A for hospitals
· Medicare Part B for physicians
· Cannot balance bill anything over Allowable Fee Schedule

A.2.c. Patient Access to Care (see attached articles)
· Physicians Opting Out of Medicare
· Shortage of PCP’s coming out of U.S. Medical Schools

B.1 Role of Health Information Management Professional
· Name specific HIM role
· Show the effect Medicare has on that specific role


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