Pharmacy School Essay

This essay is for admission to pharmacy school. We have to answer each question separately. Some of

the questions have limited length. I have included some information about myself. Please let me

know if you need any other information.

1- What personal strengths, skills, or assets do you believe make you a strong candidate? What

personal characteristics you feel make you stand out as an individual. (400 words)
Values are listed below:
– Innovation in teaching and learning
– Leadership in patient and professional advocacy
– Collaboration and collegiality
– Integrity
– Diversity and inclusion
2- How have your past experiences and your career interests prepared you to become an innovator in

the pharmacy profession and to excel in integrated models of healthcare delivery?
3- Describe any community service related activities for which you have volunteered, and highlight

any accomplishments.
4- Describe hobbies, recreational interests or other personally rewarding activities in which you

participate, and elaborate on their importance to you.
5- Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live. Give examples of

specific projects in which you have been involved over time. (limit 100 words)
6-Describe any of your special interests and how you have developed knowledge in these areas. Give

examples of your creativity: the ability to see alternatives; take diverse perspectives; come up

with many, varied, or original ideas; or willingness to try new things. (limit 100 words)
7-What do you believe is the most difficult challenge pharmacists will face in the coming years?

What would you do to overcome this challenge?

Here are the organizations that I have volunteered at:
Volunteer Experience

Jun 2014 ? Present School on Wheels, Inc. ? Los Angeles, CA
– Tutoring and educational mentoring homeless youth.

Apr 2014 ? Aug 2014 Silverado Hospice ? Los Angeles, CA
– Visiting terminally ill patients in their own homes, in hospitals, or other nursing facilities.
– Spending time and readying newspaper or a book to the patient.

Jun 2013 ? Present Los Angeles Regional Food-Bank ? Los Angeles, CA
– Sorting, inspecting, and repacking donated food items from local food drives.
– Assembling food packages for low income seniors, women with infants, and children.

Jan 2012 ? Mar 2014 CSUN Student Health Center ? Northridge, CA
– Letting students know about the many free and low-cost services available.
– Helping students with appointments.

Mar 2012 ? Dec 2012 Providence Tarzana Medical Center ? Tarzana, CA
– Assisting patients.
– Escorting patients to operation room.
– Working with other volunteers.

Sep 2011 ? May 2014 CSUN Iranian Student Association ? Northridge, CA
– Working with other club members to plan events.
– Coordinating the events.

Sep 2010 ? Present Heal the Bay ? Los Angeles, CA
– Monthly beach cleanup
– Help coordinate and lead cleanups.

Jan 2010 – Sep 2010 Shalom Elderly Care Center ? Woodland Hills, CA
– Spending time with senior citizens.
– Readying books and playing cards with senior citizens.

Feb 2009 ? May 2011 Pierce College Iranian Club ? Woodland Hills, CA
– Arranging weekly meetings.
– Keeping records of each meeting and preparing reports.
– Planning events.

Jul 2008 ? Dec 2008 Care Mission USA ? Los Angeles
– Helping in food preparation and distribution.
– Setting-up tables, serving, unloading, and cleaning.

Here is some information about me:
? Skilled at quickly learning new concepts and working well under pressure.
? Ability to follow instructions and work independently or in a group.
? Excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills.
? Highly motivated and ambitious in life, school and workplace.
? Positive attitude.
– Farsi
– Turkish

Career History
Aug 2015 ? Present X Pharmacy & Medical Supply ? Los Angeles, CA
– Answering customers? questions concerning location, price, and use of medical supplies.
– Arranging deliveries.
– Stocking shelves with merchandise.
– Helping the pharmacist fill-out prescription
– Working at the register.

Mar 2014 ? Present X Chevron ? Newbury Park, CA
Assistant Manager
– Assisting the manager in organizing and creating weekly reports.
– Make weekly schedules for staff.
– Training, supervising, and motivating staff.

Oct 2013 ? Present X Interpreting Services ? Los Angeles, CA
Interpreter and Translator
– Converting information from one language into another language.
– Turkish to English
– Farsi to English

Sep 2011 ? Jan 2014 X Chevron ? Northridge, CA
– Providing quality and services to the customers.
– Restocking shelves and pre-ordering products.
– Taking payments and giving back change.

Jan 2009 ? May 2011 X College, EOP&S ? Woodland Hills, CA
Peer Advisor/ Tutor
– Mentoring incoming freshmen.
– Supporting new students with schedule planning.
– Assisting academic advisors.
– Tutoring basic algebra and general chemistry.

Apr 2004 ? Jan 2008 X Construction ? Kyrenia, Cyprus
Office Manager
– Supervising and monitoring the staff.
– Handling customer inquiries and complains.
– Recruit and select office staff.
– Training new employees.
– Design and implant filing system.

Jun 2002 ? Feb 2004 X Hotel ? Kyrenia, Cyprus
– Answering and forwarding phone calls.
– Assisting the reception manager.
– Fulfilling all reasonable requests from guests to ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

Dec 2000 ? Apr 2002 Sayal Shoes ? Kyrenia, Cyprus
– Helping customers on the sales floor.
– Answering customer questions about products.
– Stocking merchandise.
– Operating the cash register.

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