Phage Lambda Sequence Analysis

  1. Copy sequence of phage lambda from here and restrict it by using the restriction analysis tool in step 2.
  2. NEBcutter V2.0 or resources at NCBI.
  3. Draw a restriction map showing the restriction sites for EcoRI, SmaI, and HaeIII.
  4. What are the restriction enzymes, when were they discovered, and who discovered them?
  5. How many restriction enzymes have been identified?
  6. How are their names written?
  7. BamHI, EcoRI, HindIII, and PstI. Search and find the sources of these enzymes. Also, write the recognition sites/sequences for these enzymes. You may make a small table for this answer.
  8. What is the name of the tool used to measure DNA in volumes less than a milliliter?
  9. What is gel electrophoresis?
  10. What type of gels are used for gel electrophoresis?
  11. What are limitations of gel electrophoresis technique?
  12. Why type of methods are used to visualize DNA after gel electrophoresis? Write two different chemical methods?
  13. What evidence do you have that each enzyme cuts the DNA at different locations?
  14. In gel electrophoresis what is the direction of the movement of DNA?
  15. Why do we add blue dye to the DNA before loading it on the gel? T

Draw restriction maps of lambda DNA; one for each enzyme separately or one combined for all three enzymes.

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