Perspectives on Human Behavior

Perspectives on Human Behavior
Two page response MAX.

No need for research or footnotes.

The first three/five promptswill come from the instructor and you will be instructed to submit the final 2 from articles of your own choice.

You must state the issue being considered and write in support or against the issue or action taken regarding the issue.

THERE IS NO ONECORRECT OPINION! Your work will be graded on your ability to defend or critique the issue and offer an action plan regarding resolving the issue.

Yes, spelling and grammar count….
• Introduce your paper with an interesting hook and a lead paragraph that states the main points you plan to make.

• Include a clear thesis statement in which you state exactly what you are for or against.

• Write paragraphs with clear topic sentences and support them with specific details and ideas.

• Organize your paper in order of importance or reverse order of importance.

• Include a strong clincher argument at the beginning or end of your paper, depending on your organization.

• Leave out unnecessary or inaccurate details.

• Conclude by restating the main thesis and making a statement of probable outcome should the reader adopt your opinions.
From “Crafting Opinion and Persuasive Papers” Tim Clifford, 2007.

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