Perspectives and Theories in Psychology

Perspectives and Theories in Psychology

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After watching the videos, select one video and complete the following template using complete sentences and paragraphs. Your Assignment should be 2-4 pages, not including the Cover and Reference pages. Begin your writing with an introductory paragraph letting your reader know what main points you will be covering and providing a thesis statement (your main argument). Conclude it with summary paragraph restating your thesis and summarizing your main points.
1. Identify the study (video) you selected.
· The Bystander Effect
· The Milgram Experiment
· Learned Helplessness
· The Standford Prison Experiment

2. Summarize the results of this study and what implications it has with regards to human behavior and mental processes that you’ve learned about in Units 4-5.

3. Discuss what is meant by the term states of consciousness and apply it to your research study, considering whether it impacted the behavior or mental processes of the subjects involved.

4. Consider whether or not you think this research could explain the development of psychological disorders? Explain your reasoning using reference to the study and the disorder(s).

5. Theories lead to hypotheses, which lead to research. Explain which theory you think may have been the influence for the research study that you chose. (For example: psychodynamic, humanistic, social cognitive, behaviorism, or trait theory) Explain your reasoning using reference to the study and the theory.

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