The student will understand the perspective of the patient experiencing a health problem and this will help deliver responsible and relevant care. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the student to think from the patient’s perspective, helping the student think in terms of treating the person, not just the disease.


1. Think about a time when you had to listen to a patient (or family member of a patient) who has experienced or is experiencing one of the following:
• A chronic health condition
• A disabling or disfiguring condition
• A traumatic event
• A lack of private health insurance
• Other significant experience affecting their well-being

To receive credit

2. Describe in more than 1 but less than 3 typewritten pages, double-spaced, using APA; the patient’s (or family member’s) experience from their perspective (as if they are writing). Please include citations from required reading books from the class or cites that are reliable. You may also include, following this your thoughts or feelings, but this is optional. Include your name, the date, and the name of the rotation on your paper. Do not include the patient’s real name.

3. DUE DATE: Submit to me in class on the day of final to my email….

4. GRADING: Essay is worth 25% that will be given to the student if the assignment is submitted and turned in prior to the start of the next rotation. No credit is given if assignment is submitted after the class completes.

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