Personnel Issues, Training and Development, Compensation


#1. Personnel Issues: Some organizations may have detailed strategies for measuring product quality and customer satisfaction but do not put the same emphasis on employee performance expectations.
In your experience, what are the possible consequences for an organization that does not use sound performance expectations as part of its organizational behavior strategy? Discuss any of the following in your explanation.
How could this affect the hiring and recruiting outcomes? How could this affect evaluation, compensation, and promotion outcomes? What possible financial consequences could the organization experience?
#2. Training a Development: As a human resources manager, you realize that performance management must be considered even before a person becomes an employee of the organization. One of your goals is to reduce employee turnover through the revision of the personnel assessments used during the recruitment and hiring process.
The first opportunity to implement the new personnel assessments will be next month when you begin interviewing for three open positions in the training department.
In your Discussion, address the following:
What types of personnel assessments are you familiar with? Do you prefer one type of assessment over the other? Which assessments would you use for the training position candidates and why do you believe these are the most appropriate? How would you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the use of each assessment? How will you evaluate this data in relation to the overall performance of the organization? If you found flaws in the data, how would you correct or report them?


#3. Compensation: Post your ideas for the top three (3) career development activities that you think organizations should provide for their employees and address the following questions:
Why do you believe these three (3) activities are the most important? How would you measure the activity’s effect on performance? What do you determine today’s employees expect from their employer in terms of career development? If you could choose one (1) item for your career development that you wish your employer would cover, what would it be and why?


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