Personal Behavior Assessment

Having issues locating this book online : The Organizational Behavior Reader (9th Edition) 9th Edition. Unable to provide it. Please help!
Assignment 1 involves reflecting on one’s behavior in the context of an organization (the focus should ideally be placed in a human service organization). Using the framework presented in Osland. Turner and Kolb (2007) (chapters 1-7) you will prepare a reflective paper addressing the following points:
Discuss your personal style of behavior in organizational life and how you have functioned as a staff member and/or in management or leadership positions. Compare and contrast differences across roles you performed and from organization to organization. Describe and exemplify how the organization’s culture influenced your behavior, conformity, or (perhaps) frustration. Examine the role and significance of values in the context of your particular organization and describe whether you have been inspired as a consequence of organizational behavior, or whether your inspiration persisted “in-spite” of a particular organizational culture. Present and analysis of personal resources that you have had to call upon and describe strategies you have used to maintain balance and whether your organization has supported this. The analysis should be done using the theoretical framework as described by the authors and must avoid the autobiographical approach. While the experiences and organizations described might be your own, conceptualizing these should be framed in theory. In summary, the paper must demonstrate knowledge of the concepts as presented in the reading materials

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