pedagogy Q&A

pedagogy Q&A


Reflect on the knowledge and experience gained in this course to respond to the five questions listed below.
Question 1:     Explain the factors that need to be considered when designing a periodised training program for an athlete.  To what degree do these factors influence the athlete’s final performance?
Question 2:     Describe the anatomical features of successful athletes in 3 different sports, and evaluate how the typical physical features of a somatotype might give an athlete an advantage over other competitors.
Question 3:     Critique a journal article on one of the following disciplines:  biomechanics;  motor learning/control; sports psychology.  Your review should include:
1.    A summary of your overall impressions of the article using De Bono’s six thinking hats as follows:
White hat:  Information, facts and figures
Yellow hat:  Positive comments
Black hat:  Negative comments
Red hat:  Feelings about the article
Green hat:  New ideas and applications from the article
Blue hat:  Any other comments not previously covered
2.    Please make sure that you attach a copy of the article you have reviewed.
Question 4:     Describe Psychological Skills Training (PST) and evaluate how it can be utilised to improve an athlete’s performance.
Question 5:     As a Physical Educator you are aware that children are not ‘mini-adults’ and you are also cognisant of the limitations this places on a child’s physical capacities in sport. Describe the areas that demonstrate the difference between an average pre-adolescent’s physical capacities and an average adult’s physical capacities – male or female. List three different examples of specific considerations to include in a training program written for a pre-adolescent.

What to be expected in the assignment:
1- Excellent responses that show in depth descriptions and responses to the questions. Responses logically structured showing a deep understanding of the major issues of the questions.

2- Excellent responses that show in depth descriptions and understanding of the major points and issues from the journal article.

3- Excellent levels of academic literature accessed and expertly used to articulate with.


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