Patient Care

Patient Description
Patient Care
Include age, ethnic background (if relevant to the topic), gender, acuity level within hospital (step down, floor, ICU), or if in a nursing home (assisted living facility, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing), relevant medical history, diagnosis, reasons for admission, length of stay, etc.
Read and insert literature relevant to the topic:
• What kind of care is the patient receiving?
• How is the nursing staff currently addressing the patient’s health concerns?
• Why are the current nursing interventions important for the patient’s overall health?
• How do these interventions contribute to improving the patient’s health?
Read and insert literature which is relevant to the topic:
• How does the care the patient is currently receiving compare/contrast to evidence-
based practice?
• If the care provided differs from suggested practice, why did the nurse or student
nurse choose to deviate?
• If there is limited information available on patient care, what kind of care MIGHT the
patient receive for their current ailment(s) according to evidence-based practice?
Summarize most important points from paper. Draw any final conclusions about topic.
In this section, you may now begin to write in first person (I, me, my). Address these questions in this section in a narrative fashion:
• What did you learn from the assignment?
• How does this new information compare to your prior knowledge?
• How do you feel about it?
• How did it change you?
• What new skills can you now apply?
• How it will impact your practice in the future?
• Did you experience any “a-ha” moment(s)?
• What new connections did you make from your class, textbook, research, and

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