Patagonia, Inc. Distributional Philosophy

Patagonia, Inc. Distributional Philosophy (pages 126 to 146)

• Format: 3 pages, double-­-spaced, must use several quotations from the book (Let my people go SURFING) regarding the Distributional Philosophy(pages 126 to 146)
• Summarize the philosophy in your own words
• How is it different from a normal (regular) industry practice?
• Give an example of the philosophy from your daily life or business (make it real relating to a personal experience)
• What’s your take on this philosophy? Do you agree or disagree and why (yes, you may use your opinion)? Do you have a different point of view?

Required references, quotations and sources only from this book:
Required only Book accepted: Let my people go SURFING
Author: Chouinard, Yvon
Copyright Year: 2006
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 978-­-0143037835

The paper needs to be written in proper English, with several quotations correct use of grammar, spelling and syntax (graded) • Plagiarism will be verified

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