Part B: Marking and Assessment

Part B: Marking and Assessment
(to be completed by ModuleLecturer)
This assignment will be marked out of 100%

This assignment contributes to 50% of the total module marks.

Assessment Task:

Question 1

Explain the issues with the common law that led to the passing of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (CMCHA) 2007
(20 marks)

Question 2

Consider the major provisions of the CMCHA and say in your view whether you feel that the Act is an effective response to the concerns raised over the common law.
(40 marks)

Question 3

Provide an explanation of the actus reus and any mens rea elements of the offence and of any issues you may feel are raised by causation.
(20 marks)

Question 4

Consider any issues with the jurisdictional reach of the legislation that you feel may affect the working of the CMCHA.
(15 marks)

Question 5

Explain the mode of trial required for the offence and the penalties available to the court.
(5 marks)

Total (100 marks)

Notes for Guidance:

You must focus on both the newstatutory and former common law position.

Your coursework should be written in essay format and referenced in accordance with OSCOLA referencing.
Learning Outcomes to be assessed(as specified in the validated module descriptor
1. Identify and understand the ingredients of criminal liability, both generally and as they apply to factual situations.

2. Identify the social or political or human rights contexts in which the criminal law operates
Grading Criteria:

Please see Faculty marking criteria for undergraduate’s assessments on the module Blackboard site and below.

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