Parole Evidence.

Describe and explain justifications for the parole evidence rule (and exceptions) in English Contract Law. Considering case law, other legal and academic materials, and contracts between

commercial parties, take and defend a position on whether the courts

Should preserve, strengthen or weaken the application of this rule.
The above two lines are the part of topic and guideline below for your further assistance.
The course work is 2000 words in length, exclusive refrences.
The coursework must typed on white, A4 paper, in 12 point font and submitted in word document.
Please number your pages.
A bibliography should be included at the end.
Please note that work which is not properly oscola referenced will not achieve a good grade.
You must fully attribute any judicial quotations or passages taken from articles or textbooks.
Please remember to state your word count excluding the title, question, footnotes and bibliography.

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