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you must follow everything they say please!! i will attach an example

you can find a art piece on line, i do not care what it is

For your first critical paper, I would like you to find something that would not normally be considered art by most people or even intended to be art by the maker, but you think should be art, and explain to me why you think so. I do not want you to pick anything that you would normally see in a museum, hanging on someone’s wall or in a sculpture garden. Think of the everyday things around you or in the media that may be art in your opinion. Please pick a unique object, not a series of objects. For instance, if you chose a car, pick a specific and unique example, not a particular model, and not just cars in general.

Avoid clichés. For instance, do not use the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Also, avoid writing about the American Flag. It is difficult to write about this subject with a critical distance.

When you write your paper, please follow this format.

All papers must be two pages in length. Shorter or longer papers will result in a lower grade.
All papers must utilize a 12-point Times New Roman, Times, or Arial font.
All papers must be double-spaced.
All papers must have margins of 1 inch on all sides. On Microsoft Word you change the margins by clicking on Format, then Document and changing them in the pop-up window.
All papers must include a cover page with your name, Art 101, Critical Paper 1 or 2, and the date.
Please use this format for the file name of your paper “yourlastname_yourfirstname_art101_critical_paper1.doc”. Change this to “paper2” when you turn in your second paper.
In most assignments, you do not need to use sources, but if you do, please cite all of your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style for the Humanities.
You must write your paper with Microsoft Word and save it with the .doc extension, otherwise it might not open on my computer.
I also want you to include a picture of the object or objects along with your paper when you turn it in to me on Turnitin. If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner, please choose something that you can find a picture of on the Internet. The paper must be two pages before including the picture!Place the picture on a separate page at the end of the paper. Do not send me a separate file with the pictures on it, if you cannot figure out how to paste the picture into your paper, call me or the computer help desk, and you can get assistance.

When you are preparing to write your paper, it may be helpful to think of some of the issues and concepts that we have covered in class. For instance, you may want to think about how the object you choose speaks to society, or how the object uses line or color. Be creative! However, remember that if you are going to make a conclusion about something, back it up with evidence. For instance, if you say that the object is a piece of art because of the way it uses line or color, explain how line and color is used in the object. You do not have to use criteria from the book to explain why your object is a piece of art (see the following paragraph).
Art 101
Critical Paper 1
September 15, 2011
Format 10/10
The definition of art is very subjective. What constitutes art has multiple interpretations
that have changed over the centuries. One of the more modern definitions of art is based on the
concept that art is anything that represents a subject the artist finds important and worth bringing
to the attention of others [good]. This is usually expressed in what is considered an aesthetically
pleasing form. The shoe falls under this definition of art because of what it represents, as well as
being aesthetically pleasing. The shoe represents family, childhood, being carefree, and enjoying
the simple pleasures in life [are you choosing a particular shoe? If so, reference it and the photo
of it.].
The shoe itself is aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously functional. It uses lines and
contrasting colors to accentuate its shape. The thick fanned lines on the toe show off an
aerodynamic shape. This helps to create the illusion that the shoe can increase the speed of the
wearer [good]. The wide silver bands on the side are a stark contrast to the complete whiteness
that engulfs the rest of the shoe. There is additionally a pattern of crisscrossed lines that
compose the body of the shoe that gives it a sense of levity. Through looking at the shoe from a
different perspective, the beauty can be seen past the usefulness.
What the shoe represents is the strongest factor for it being considered art. The shoe,
which is a child’s size, is representative of family. Family is a vital part of nearly all cultures.
This small shoe evokes strong feelings associated with a child. The shoe arouses a protective
instinct in the viewer that is reserved for children in need of constant care and supervision. It
forms a connection between the artwork and the personal experiences of the person identifying
with what it represents [good].
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There is an essence of innocence that can be connected with the shoe. This is the same
innocence that can often be found in youth. The shoe brings strong memories of childhood.
Memories of a favorite pair of tennis shoes worn during one’s earliest years come to the forefront
while observing the artwork [make this section more concise to eliminate possible redundancies].
The shoe is also able to represent the first awkward steps taken to the earliest sprint across the
yard. It embodies the fast paced tempo of early childhood in combination with the everlasting
energy [good, how does it do that, besides simply being a child’s shoe?].
Upon closer inspection, the front of the shoe is covered in brown and green scuff marks.
These marks were made as a young child frolicked in the grass while playing outside. These
markings assist the viewer in revisiting what was likely to have been the most carefree period in
their life. It elicits strong memories of long summer days when the only concern was making it
home in time for dinner [excellent paragraph, good use of specific evidence].
The shoe is also representative of the simplicity that is associated with childhood. There
is a simplicity that can be found in both the thoughts and actions of children. Looking at the
shoe brings the viewer back to a time with fewer complications. The simple and direct way that
a child perceives the world is something that is often times lost with adulthood. The shoe
provides a small window to reflect on a time when things were simple and more easily
Upon initial inspection, one may not consider this object to be art. One of the important
concepts in the art world is to look at objects from new and sometimes unconventional
viewpoints [good]. When looking at this object from a new perspective, the artistic value can be

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