PA 305 State and Local Government

PA 305 State and Local Government
Fall 2015/Final Exam

As you have learned this semester, State and Localities have taken positions involving national policy. As discussed, States are laboratories of democracy and we will see more and more policy being initiated at the State level. We have seen many issues debated at the national level with little action, yet the same issues debated more profoundly locally have resulted in policy changes.
Thinking about what you have learned this semester, the functions of State and Local government, the presence of nonstate actors such as lobbyists, interest group, private and nonprofit institutions, the way the budget process works, the role of our legislatures and choose 1 of the following issues.
Your essay should have no less than 5 outside sources, not including the textbook. Your text book should be the main source. Relate your response to the materials used in the course. Your essay cannot be no less than 3 pages in length. Points will be deducted if exams submitted have less than 5 outside sources and are less than 3 pages in length.
To receive full credit (25 points) the format and organization of your essay is important. Make sure to have a thesis statement and that it is directly related to the topic. Develop points with evidence that is supported by the text and the outside sources. You have to properly cite your sources. Your response should be detail specific and not use general statements. Your essay should be coherent, logical in a non-repetitious way. Use spell check to avoid grammar error. Save and submit your exam as a word doc. Last Name.Final Exam
? We are all aware of the situation in Syria and the influx of refugees in Europe. This has stir a lot of controversy over allowing refugees to travel to the United States. What is your position on your State allowing Syrian refugees to resettle? Think about specific issues that States and Localities face now or will face if large numbers of refugees arrive.

? Education is a major concern for our elected officials. We are seeing more and more disparities among poorer communities and data reflects that many students are not receiving proper education even for basic skills. What can be done to improve the education system in your State and Locality so that all students have equal access to an adequate education?

? Political parties have a position on what the size of government should look like. Today we have communities that have decided to consolidate resources to reduce government waste and therefore have a tighter control over their budgets. As a Public Administrator, how would you advice a Governor or Mayor on “reducing” government without affecting the services provided to the residents.

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