origins of U.S. politics

origins of U.S. politics

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Answer 5 of the following 6 questions. Answers should draw explicitly and accurately on course material (and cite sources as appropriate). Answers should not require more than 2 or 3 thorough (but concise) paragraphs. But be sure you’ve fully answered the questions according to the course material. Please upload answers to Canvas. Be sure to include your name, and make it clear which question you are answering each time. 20pts each. 1. Briefly summarize the flaws of the Articles of Confederation that the Constitution had to address. What specific elements of the new Constitution addressed these flaws? 2. What is Madison’s argument in Federalist No. 10? How does he define faction? And how is the design of government capable of addressing factions? 3. Explain and define the checks and balances that exist ON and WITHIN Congress in the Constitution. Why did the framers think these checks were necessary? 4. Describe a “dual federal” system. Explain the constitutional foundations of a dual federal system in the U.S. How are powers divided up between the feds and the states? And where in the Constitution are such divisions established (if anywhere)? 5. Most scholars think we transitioned from a dual federal system to a cooperative federal system. Briefly, how and when did this happen? And what are the features of a cooperative federal system that stand apart from a dual system? 6. Describe what you think are the most important (2 or 3) Supreme Court cases that have established federal/state relations. What did the rulings say? How did they structure federal and state power?

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