Organized Crime and Criminological Theories

For this assignment, you will work individually and conduct research on a historical figure who was involved in
organized crime. After researching three different scholarly sources (i.e. no Wikipedia) you will compose a twopage biography of the historical figure you have been assigned.
Your biography should include a detailed listed of their involvement in organized crime (both alleged and
proven), history of incarceration, incidents of childhood abuse, and other social and biological factors that may
explain their antisocial tendencies. You will conclude your biography with three different criminological theories
that we have discussed in this unit that you feel best explain his involvement in organized crime along with your
reasoning for your position.
Note: You will need to explain each of the theories in your own words as you use them to explain involvement
in organized crime for the individual you have been assigned. The paper will be written in APA format, including
a properly formatted APA title page and reference page (neither of which will be counted towards the two-page
Person to be researched: Lucky Luciano
Biological theory
Life course theory
Sociological theory
Psychological theory
Rational choice theory

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