Organizational Culture and Structure for Project

Justification for project
The selected project for week 2 was California high-speed Rail Project. An ideal organizational structure, in this case, is a matrix whereby appropriate measures are put in place to give everyone a functional ability to perform unique measures. In support of the situations and issues in the project, the matrix organizational structure makes things quality, and delivery of the requirements makes the general processes good and effective, especially when it comes to the right protocols and effective approach in the applied and strategic approach of fundamental and best management measures.
The structure was selected because it is an ideal one in the society hence making the issues good and effective for the management of the challenges in the projects. Usually, a successful and fundamental strategy forms one of the best and perfect interventions for the management of the challenges and elimination of adverse situations. Working from a good perspective and elimination of challenges in the project, the structure is the best since everyone is given the right role to perform, which is good and necessary and effective in the reduction of adverse situations.
The specific elements of the project include the planning techniques, fundamental elements in the control of adverse situations while structurally supporting financial management. The committee that is responsible for quality planning is considered a useful and perfect initiative in the rightful and perfect elimination of challenges associated with the project. Survey of the project and checking whether it is meeting its targets and original goals are part of the project since the evaluations always are supposed to assist in keeping everything in order. A supportive and integrated measure is useful for strategic and best measures to be implemented in the project. With the structure, the deliverables are most likely to be accomplished at the right time to allow for a successful and integrated protocol in the achievement of the key requirements as planned.
Least preferred structure
The least preferred organizational structure is flat since it has limited advantages when it comes to the running of the businesses. Management of business integrations require that supportive measures and techniques are implemented to ensure that perfect and quality interventions are applied. Essentially, a useful technique is implemented in the completion of the project and therefore flat structure can cause imbalance which is not recommended for the project.
The flat structure does not make sense especially when it comes to some of the fundamental elements such as reporting relationships. The emphasis should be on the key deliverables to assist in the control of challenges while working on key aspects and ensuring that a perfect and useful intervention is implemented. Successfully, there is the need to focus on applied techniques which is useful and necessary in the management of the challenges. Flat organizational structure is not necessary in the project since it hinders the perfect and best measures needed for accommodating a useful strategy and elemental strategy. Usually, there is the need to ensure that a useful and perfect measure is implemented to support and ensure that critical and effective deliverables are implemented which is good and controlling such is necessary.
Flat organizational structure has various disadvantages and challenges that limit quality practice hence implementation of key aspects is difficult. Essentially, the best practices always follow a key protocol for management of the challenges and effective application in a successful and integrated practice. The project metrics require that the roles are perfectly distributed ti facilitate a faster processing and enhance stability in the control and mitigation of the challenges and other situations in place. For perfection to be accomplished and effective measures implemented, protocols and interventions must be followed to reduce the challenges and assist in perfect prject implementation. The flat structure causes lack of focus and imposes a threat to progress which may be adverse and result in some of the issues that may be difficult to reduce. Essentially, a perfect strategy is always on the implemented measures and protocols of success hence effective and integrated protocols are implemented to support and assist in controlling the negative situations which is useful and integrated.

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Analyze the project you selected to complete the Week 2 Business Case to determine which organizational structure/culture (Section 4-2a on page 110) would be the ideal or preferred organizational structure for this project. Discuss why you selected this structure and justify that choice. Then, discuss which structure is the least preferred and explain/justify why this would not be a preferred organizational structure for your selected project. Provide specific examples, elements or components from the project to explain your justification. Each of the justification sections should be a minimum of 300 words.

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