Organization culture

Qualitative reserch to what extend the Organization culture, struture and use of performnce mesurement influnce the effcictive implementation for performance msurement system

study the different factors that affecting the effective design and implementation for performance measurement system in organization x, taking into consideration difference needs & understand of performance management system stakeholders. It also study the links and different understanding of performance measurement and management system in organization x. the research also investigate to what extend the different use of performance measurements with reference to organization complexity (levels) and culture is influence effective implementation of performance measurements system in organization x (Public Sector)".
Also here please add that you did the phenomenological analysis not in literature review

research questions
1. To what extend the internal factors such as organization culture, structure (complexity) and use of performance measurements (purpose) are influence the effective implementation of performance measurement system in organization x?
2. What are effectively influence the design and implementation for performance measurement system from different stakeholder prospective in organization x (characteristic of PMS)?
3. What are the differences of understating performance measurement system and performance management system in organization x?

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