Organitional Theory, ethics and ethical practise

Organitional Theory, ethics and ethical practise
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Draw up a case study report on any organisation of your choice ( please choose well known organisation within Australia or US/UK.
The case study should demonstrate an understanding of organisational theory including organisational ethics and ethical practise.

The case study should comprise report which includes:

1.Rationale for the research methodology and organisational theory utilised including comparisons with alternative theory;

2. Utilisation of apppropriate stratagies;

3. Critically examine the role of ethics and ethical practice relevant to the chosen organisation;(Orgaisation that you have choosen previousley)

4.Discuss the role and legitimacy of management function and how this is impacted on by politics and the social enviroment;

5.Incorporate the use of qualitative analysis;

6.Incorporation of references to substantiate arguments and rationale presented.
Writer to use reference from ebscohost site for quality articles if possible as well as used my attached articles for references. (I have attached arounf 20 articles which should be enough for most of the parts of the case study, however if an additional articles ir required please feel free to search your own articles.)

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