Organisations & Human Resource Management

Organisations & Human Resource Management

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The report should be your own work and properly referenced according to the requirements of the Harvard Referencing System.

This report should be completed within 7 weeks
You have just been hired as an HR manager of a multinational corporation that manufactures
sports apparel. This firm has never had an HR department. It has experienced steady growth
during th
e last few years and it recently became a public limited company. Its workforce is
comprised of 500 employees and 20 managers. The organizational structure involves the
division of work according to different departmental functions such as Production, R&D,
Marketing, Finance, and HRM. Due to its growth, members of the Board of Directors had
placed pressure on top management to hire an HR manager a position that you have been
selected to fill.
As the new HR manager your first goal is to convince top manage
ment of the need to make
you, the HR manager, a strategic partner. Also, you will have to formulate HRM Strategy and
convince top management about the importance and contribution of HRM to the company’s
strategy and strategic orientation. You have decided
to prepare a report which comprises the
assignment for this course/module. (Your report should reflect confident, detailed,
comprehensive knowledge of the HR discipline. Where appropriate it should also display
evidence of originality and innovation).
ease add the following details in the report:
1. Critically examine the role of strategic HR management with respect to
organizational performance, citing empirical evidence and specific organizations’
success stories. You should explicitly define ‘strat
egic human resource management’
and distinguish between different types of HR strategies and how they can and should
align with competitive business strategies.
2. Present a detailed, comprehensive plan of how you will specifically address each core
HR f
unction (e.g. work design, job analysis, recruitment, selection, retention,
separation, performance management, training, development, compensation, legal
requirements, and employee relations) to create a high performance work system
3. Present y
our evaluation of the challenges and opportunities involved with respect to
diversity, e

HRM and managing human resources internationally, and explain how you
plan to help the firm to practically prepare for these challenges and opportunities.
4. Demonst
rate (within the report) a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of
the importance of relevant legal issues related to HR management and organizational
The report in essence should reflect your personal vision as to what strategic HRM
issues are important and need to be identified and properly addressed.
Please REFERENCE all sources using the Harvard Referencing System


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