Organisational Change

Organisational Change

Assignment Details:

For this assignment you must take the role of a change consultant, employed in order to manage change within an organisation (you  use ONE case study organisations provided GOJO(i sent it to you)

The Managing Director of the organisation has asked you to write a 2500 word essay through which you should clearly outline a potential change; assess the drivers and resistors; and, having critically analysed a variety of contrasting approaches to change management, explain which is the most useful approach in this particular case.

Your response should include examples of how change is/was managed in other organisational contexts AND reference to a wide range of academic literature on organisational change.

The focus of your discussion should be ‘how to manage change’ NOT whether the idea for change is a good one.

You MUST also include a reflective analysis of the value of the training you have received on change management to date (ie. the residential or classroom-based sessions of Feb 2014). This should be provided as an appendix, comprising 500 words max. (this does NOT count towards the overall assignment word count) and should explain whether this form of delivery was ‘value for money’.

Word count: 2500 words
Be aware that there will be marks deducted for overlength work (see the module handbook).
7  Assignment Deadline and Submission Details

Submission Details: Assignments are submitted through eBridge. Go to the module site and open the Assignments tool. All assignments for this module will be shown in the assignments tool.

Meeting deadlines is part of professional behaviour. You are expected to submit your work on time.

Late submissions will be accepted up to one week after the deadline, but will have marks deducted for late submission.
In exceptional cases extensions may be granted before the deadline. After the deadline you may make a claim for Mitigating Circumstances.

Student  eSubmission guidance

8  Assignment Grading Criteria

You should refer to the additional document provided.

9 Feedback

You can expect to have feedback available within 4 term-time weeks (ie. by 1st May).

Feedback will be posted through the Assignments tool in eBridge. When feedback is available an eMail will be sent to your University eMail address.
10  Rules and Regulations

Full information about the University’s academic regulations including Unfair Means, Extensions and Mitigating Circumstances  is available via the Online Student Handbook 11  Name of Author and Date of Completion

K.Graley 13/12/13

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