Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Organisational Behaviour Assignment

With reference to the materials covered during Module 1(The Theory and Practice of Organisational Leadership) of the Organisational Behaviour

1.    In the introduction, describe what you would like to achieve in your chosen career/profession in the future and your personal leadership philosophy (5 marks – 750 words).

2.    Then, identify the five* most important leadership skills, competencies or attributes that you think will be required to succeed in your profession/occupation in the future. For each one, list their main elements (do not describe these in detail). Then, select three of these and describe in detail why an understanding of these are important and/or of practical use to business leaders and/or their companies (20 marks – 2500 words).

3.    Then, select two of these and describe, specifically, how you will develop and enhance them over the next 4-5 years

4.    In your conclusion, please describe what you have learned about leadership from writing this assignment

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