Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour

For an organisation that you know well (e.g., the organisation, where you are currently employed or for which you worked in the past), using the relevant concepts, theories and models introduced in the module, describe its organisational structure, analyse to what extent this structure is supportive (or unsupportive) of organisational goals and suggest possible recommendations for improvement.

Further Guidance for Students:
Learning Aims
The purpose of the assignment is to help the student to:
?- internalise the concepts, theories and models and
?- develop the ability to critically apply them in practice

The assignment should
1. begin with a brief introduction outlining the aims and the structure of the assignment;
2. provide an informative overview of the organisation, including the relevant characteristics such as industry, location, size, and age;
3. describe its organisational structure using relevant concepts from the module;
4. identify organisational goals as expressed, for instance, in organisational mission and vision statements and/or strategic plans;
5. identify and examine relevant organisational contingencies;
6. assess the “fit” between organisational structure and organisational goals and other contingency factors;

7. conclude with a summary of key points and recommendations for improvement.

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