Oregon State University CH 26x Burand

Oregon State University CH 26x Burand
The Plan
A plan should typically be about one page in length. All group members’ names must be included on the submitted plan.
Plan Rubric (10 points)
Answers to Planning Questions (Variable; -10 if not included)
? All Planning Questions must be answered to receive credit for the plan. The answers may be listed separately or included within the general text of the plan (check with your TA to verify which method is preferred).
General Procedural Outline (4 points)
? 4 points. An excellent, detailed procedural outline with a clear explanation of what experiments will be conducted and how the project goals will be met by the planned experiments. This includes an inclusive, insightful procedure that incorporates an understanding of the planning questions.
? 3 points. A decent outline without incorporation of the planning questions, or an outline that exhibits an unclear understanding of some of the main project goals.
? 2 points. A mediocre outline with some key components missing or some unclear explanations of how the project goals will be met by the planned experiments.
? 1 point. A poor outline with only a vague description of the experiments to be carried out and little or no explanation of how they relate to the project goals.
? 0 points. Not included.
Specific Techniques to be Used (1 point)
? 1 point. A clear description of what techniques will be used.
? ½ point. A decent description of what techniques will be used, with some details missing or unclear.
? 0 points. Not included.
Chemicals: MSDS/SDS and Other Information (2 points)
? 2 points. MSDS/SDS consulted and any relevant safety information mentioned (CAS numbers must be included for chemicals listed). Note: This need not be an exhaustive list; some brief comments about the hazards of the chemicals the group plans to use will typically suffice. Chemicals required listed along with masses/concentrations/volumes.
? 1 point. Chemicals required listed with some information incomplete, as well as incomplete safety information.
? ½ point. Little information regarding specific chemicals or masses/concentrations/volumes needed.
? 0 points. Not included.
Oregon State University CH 26x Burand
Pertinent Equations (2 points)
? 2 points. All relevant equations listed with a brief, accurate description of any variables.
? 1 point. Most relevant equations listed and most variables described with a few omissions or errors.
? ½ point. Some equations missing altogether; no or incorrect descriptions of variables.
? 0 points. Not included.
Waste Management (1 point)
? 1 point. A list of anticipated chemical waste products and proper disposal procedures (e.g. may the waste be disposed of down the drain or does it need to be placed in a specific waste container?).
? ½ point. Some chemical waste products missing; no or incorrect descriptions of disposal procedures.
? 0 points. Not included.

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