Ordinary People

on the film “Ordinary People” directed by Robert Redford (1980)

This paper will include the following:

1.    Introduction:   The introduction section should include the following:
•    Identifying Family Information
•    Describes Family System
•    Describes Family Functioning
•    Include Family Development History

2.    Assessment Phase:   The assessment phase section should include the following:
•    Identify the initial concern or need
o    Note: think about when the problem was first identified to answer questions about their feelings, interactions and functioning.
o    Insure that the assessment includes identification of family strengths and the perspectives of all family members.
•    Family Ecological Environment
o    Ecomap, following required format.
o    Narrative explaining and adding additional details not captured in the Ecomap.

3.    Planning Phase:
•    Goals, objectives and action steps:  Create a set of measurable family goals, objectives and action steps appropriate to the family system and concerns/needs identified. Identify timelines for completion.
•    The plan should make clear the intervention and/or behavioral change plan relevant to each goal.  It should also take into account gender and culturally sensitive practice and other special needs and situations based on the unique qualities of the family.
•    List five questions the Family Social Worker could use in the goal setting step.
•    Explain your rationale for the proposed plan
o    In this section cite at least three references from peer reviewed journals that support your intervention plan as appropriate, best practices for addressing the family issues.  All articles must be submitted with your paper!

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