OPTION #1: PYTHON IN A JUPYTER NOTEBOOK Install Anaconda with the latest version of Python https://www.anaconda.com/distribution/ Capture screenshot 1 showing the Anaconda navigator window with your system date and time. Create a new Jupyter notebook named MIS542. Capture screenshot 2 showing the MIS542 Jupyter notebook with your system date and time. Perform the following tasks in Python: Use a variable Use three different data types Output an equation and the results of the equation Create a for loop Create an if, elif, else block Capture as many screenshots as necessary to demonstrate successful completion of all the above tasks. One screenshot can be used to demonstrate more than one task. Ensure the code is large enough in the screenshots to be readable in your Word document submission. All code must be explained in the narrative of your paper. Submit one Word document with your screenshots demonstrating successful completion of the above items. In addition to the screenshots, include a description of lessons you learned from this exercise.

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