Operations Management

Operations Management

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Do service operations differ from manufacturing operations?

Examine the evidence from the literature (and real life experience) highlighting both the similarities and the differences between these two branches of operations, before using your judgment with the available evidence to decide whether they are essentially the same, different in some key areas, or fundamentally different. You should make use of the concepts and tools to include product design, process layout, capacity planning, use of technology and quality management.

The assignment must be clear and easy to read and understand.
Real life examples will help to illustrate your assignment. They should be taken either from organisations that you are directly familiar with (e.g. a business you have worked for, a retail outlet, café, restaurant etc.) or from written descriptions (e.g. descriptive case studies from books, journals or newspapers etc.).

Throughout this assignment, you will need to demonstrate that you understand the appropriate issues and concepts and can provide a cogent and structured argument, with well-substantiated conclusions.

The assessment criteria are:
Clarity & Succinctness
Structure & Presentation
Examination of differences/similarities between service and manufacturing operations
Cogent argument with well substantiated conclusions

Your assessment must be word – processed in the following format:

Font: Arial 12
Margins: Normal
Line spacing: Single
Paper size: A4
Referencing required
Bibliography required
Table of content

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