operations and supply chain management

operations and supply chain management

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This assimegent is divided into 3 section

These section questions are related to this module “operation supply chain management ”

The case study is based on the Multi-Media case; New Ivory Ltd, it a sauce company. as you will find all the information and background that you need to help you in section A,B,C in the attachment that i will attach to you.

Please apply the mark scheme criteria into the essay to ensure 65-70 % Uk system grading style. ( attached it as well )

Case study informations and links:
case study website ( http://www.newivory.com)
Video process tour ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILL8kQnZh6E&list=UUUw-vo2HZF38tJrRJGvN-fw )

Section A ( In A4 paper)

? Construct an ITO, and contextualise the performance dimensions for NI.
? Map the process for order fulfilment including manufacture of the sauce product.
? Construct an upstream and downstream supply network diagram for NI.

In addition, this link ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27vAZ_Bl-r8&feature=youtu.be ) you could see loads examples of TASK one and what is it all about plus it also shows the marking critia that they are looking for , i hope with these information you could ace this task. all the best. ” If there is any problem with the link pls contact me ”
Section A “marking criteria”
> Thorough ITO application covering major and minor inputs, outputs and resources for the operation – PDs mostly applied well. Good clear attempt covering all the significant process steps for the operation .Some use of the relevant symbols Supply chain network correct with coverage of all players.

Indicative Themes:
1)Use of relevant data, sophisticated use of different product families /demand.
Focus on stock turn of key items of packaging.

Section B (Essay 1,500 words) (include diagrams and tables please )
Critically Evaluate how NI is applying ‘LEAN’ principles, and identify further improvement in this area.

Note: please apply “Taichi ohno’s 7 waste method (Muda)” and please make sure that this theory is applied to the question.
Indicative Themes: Focus on flow – correct, value in NPD, what about waste and perfection?

Guilde line and help instrustions ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLVxvIWiJKo&feature=youtu.be )

Section C (Essay 1,500 words) (include diagrams and tables please )

Develop an improvement strategy for NI’s operational performance by answering the questions below;
Identify and justify the competitive priorities for improving two of the performance dimensions for NI
Specify how your recommendations from section B impact the two chosen performance dimensions, and how you would measure any improvements?

Guilde line and help instructions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6xyJxKpQjI&feature=youtu.be )

Section B & C “marking criteria”
> A good attempt to evaluate the operation by thorough and consistent application of theoretical frameworks from suitable themes. Some attempt to link these together and be critical of the operation. Some useful analysis from the applications and referencing of this in recommendations .Good use of a range of additional theoretical solutions, applied correctly to the case. Convincing and viable recommendations
development of solutions from analysis using suitable theoretical solutions, applied/adapted thoroughly to the case.
Academic and professional references with correct citation.

If the links didn’t work pls contact me by email and i hope you have all the resources you need … goolduck and all the best.


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