Operations and Enterprise Resource Planning (OS201)

Operations and Enterprise Resource Planning (OS201)

Individual Assignment (ERP)                                            Weighting 50%

e-Submission only:  Midnight, Monday 12th January 2015

Oxfam (2013) blog [online] http://www.oxfam.org.uk/blogs/2013/11/oxfam-race-against-time-to-reach-communities-devastated-by-typhoon-haiyan [accessed 12 November 2013]

Oxfam, like most agencies have a lot of experience in disaster and emergency management but will regularly update their planning and contingency operations and publicity campaigns.

News agencies reported that many volunteers working across the UK for many of the Charities were busy packing supplies and making sure that the most important items were shipped out first, not forgetting the equipment vital for the teams of aid workers getting ready to travel to the disaster area.  One reporter commented as he watched the proceedings: “that it is working like clockwork, they have simply thought of everything”.  What role does information play to ensure this level of achievement?

BBC (2013) News [online] http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24906915 [accessed 12 November 2012]

You are acting in a consultancy capacity for a new charity and have been asked to trial and evaluate 3 software applications supplied by SAP AG and to make one recommendation to that Charity, fully justifying your choice.

Read through the information supplied relating to the Charity OXFAM.  You may research this and other Charities to gain an understanding of what they do but you do not need to focus on any established charity specifically.

In order to assist any Charity with the planning and organising required to manage aid campaigns and allocation they will undoubtedly have invested in some technology.

This task requires you to review all 3 SAP applications introduced to you in the Workshops and to explain, in your opinion, which of the 3 you would recommend to your charity and why.   So you may focus on a specific area within the charity’s operation and make your recommendation accordingly. You can assume the investment could be to introduce technology for the first time or as part of a system upgrade.

(You are referred to the marking grid for further guidance)

1.    Work through and complete 3 case studies using SAP Business By Design

At key areas identified on each task you will take a screen shot of the data supplied by the SAP system and this will be what you submit as part of the assessment.

2.    An evaluation (Up to 1250 words) indicating the benefits and drawbacks of one of the applications that you think would be most useful to your chosen charity.  You should start with a brief description (no more than 100 words) of the operations and processes within the Charity where your recommended software will be useful.

The main evaluation should address why and how the package will be useful to the charity.  You will need to provide a final paragraph explaining why you have not recommended the other 2 applications at this time.


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